Reply To: Need advice for new TV for OSSC


I recently picked up the Samsung QN55Q8F 55″ QLED TV. It works great with the SNES over OSSC in 5x mode (Though my SNES is de-jitter modded) and it overall looks great! It does have some off-angle issues, but not to the point where I am unhappy.

I went with this due to reviews on the shmups forums regarding 4k TVs that work with retroconsoles and the OSSC. I also tend to watch TV channels with static logos on screen and leave them on all day in the background. An OLED’s risk of burn-in was a turn-off for me, and when the QLED TV I now own arrived and it looks fantastic, I felt it was worth it.

I also tend to keep TVs for a long time. This is my first TV in 11 years.