Reply To: Need advice for new TV for OSSC


Yeah that’s what I did. The QLED sets are really good too and actually have a really good contrast ratio, QLED can also be extremely bright, but people that compared them side by side said that the OLED is still better in terms of PQ. OLED also has better viewing angles like I said, so it’s literally up to you what you prefer and if the viewing angles matter to you.

The only thing I couldn’t confirm for the QLED was whether all modes would work, but going from other Samsung TV’s, it was likely. I did also say I’d wait and confirm it works with all modes, I didn’t just say go buy one without confirmation. If I didn’t know what I was talking about then I wouldn’t have replied, because I most certainly wouldn’t recommend a TV blind. I’m the type of person who fixates on every little thing when it comes to stuff like TV’s.