Reply To: Settings Saving?


You need to setup everything first
Then go into “settings opt” menu and save the profile with “save profile” (you can choose up to 15 slots I think)
The you can use the “link prof->input” option. So the “link profile” is the profile currently open (it should say “<used>” on the load/save option) that you can link to a specific input.

For instance,
profile 0 is linked to input AV2 RGsB
profile 1 is linked to input AV3 YPbPr

From now on, when you use the AV2 with RGsB, the OSSC will automatically load the profile 0

If you want, you can use the AV2 with RGsB and manually load another profile.

For instance, your profile 0 and 1 can be used for the same console and/or input but for two different purposes.

Also, profiles save more than you might think. If the console you’re using uses 2 resolutions (let’s say 240p and 480i), you don’t have to manually change the profile while playing. In your “Output option” menu, each line will be saved in your profile. So you can choose to use 240p x5 and 480i x4 at the same time, in the same profile. You don’t have to make two profiles because there are multiple resolutions in a single game.

(I hope I’ve explained it right, I’m French so it’s clearer in my head. Also, I got the OSSC since last week, you’ll see it’s not that complicated)