Reply To: Settings Saving?


You guys rock, I got it up and running. I had read the wiki but it was so late that my brain wasn’t functioning too well.

Lastly, since I am using the same input for my NES/SNES/PS2 (I am using SCART and component switchers before the OSSC, so everything is going through AV2 component).

This means that my settings for NES and SNES and PS2 etc are all going to be the same. Is there a fast way to switch profiles with the remote for when I am running each console? What do most people do?

(I have NES and SNES going to SCART switch, then that going into a scart audio breakout and then into a scart to component (no audio that’s why I need the breakout before it) – that then goes to my component switch which then goes to the OSSC and lastly HDMI to the monitor)

Thanks again for the help.