Reply To: Original Xbox component static?


Have you tried tinkering with the Low pass filter settings ? There are two in two different sections. I can’t seem to find the good values for them, either I get a beautiful, sharp picture with wavy lines (not too bad but distracting enough) or a stable but blurry picture… But even in the worst case scenario, I don’t have those black dots on my screen.

I have another question : Are you using a cheap (around £4) no-name YPbPr cable from Ebay ? A custom made one (from a YPbPr Xbox 360) ? Or an official OGXbox YPbPr ? (if so, which one ? There are two official OGXbox component cables)

If it’s the £4 cheap cable from Ebay, the issue comes from here. These are bad cables, they’re not shielded.
The cheapest way to get a good quality cable would be to make your own cable out of an official X360 component cable, if you have soldering skills, it’s not too hard.