Reply To: Need advice for new TV for OSSC


@Steo I would also think that Oled is superior. Did lots of Research for quite some time and it is really hard to ignore the Advantages of Oled. Qled is impressive too but I still think Oled is better. I am not so sure what to think about the Burn in risk. Some People say it can happen. Others say it does not. This debate is not new anyway. Back in the day of Plasma Display there was a similar discussion. But still I found many Gamers in Forums that are very happy with their Plasmas and do not want to trade them in for a new LCD Screen.

I am quite sure now that I will take a Oled. But I will buy it after CES in January. When the new stuff is announced the Price of current gen TV might drop a bit. If not thats ok as well. I will geth the LG B8 (my current favourite Oled) anyway.

Which Oled model is your favourite at the Moment @steo?