Reply To: Little Help 520p/576p instead of 480p


@Steo But why the resolution showing up on the OSSC is 520p and 576p ? Aren’t those PAL 60 standards (that’s what my OSSC displays, my consoles are PAL) ? He said he’s in the US, shouldn’t it be 480p ?

What cables are you using for your consoles ? If I’m right, the Wii, Xbox and the PS2 should use (at least) YPbPr component cable to access 480p. It works like that in PAL regions anyway.

Xbox : On the dashboard, press simultaneously L+R+and-both-joysticks, that should switch the dashboard in 480p mode if your console has the 5960 update (check that in the menu “console infos” or something along those lines in your “setting” menu). Also, you can check which games are 480p (or more) compatibles here :

To get an idea of what you’re looking for :

PS2 : Try a game that allow you to use 480p :
Some have an in-game option, other require a buttons input when you launch the game. (PS2 might be able to access 480p from Scart RGsB -Sync-on-luma- but it didn’t work with my PAL console, so don’t take my word for it)

Wii : No idea, I haven’t played Wii for a decade. Also, you can check which games are 480p (or more) compatibles here :

Also, if you haven’t already, you should check this website :
And the Youtube channel called : MyLifeInGaming

Sorry if you already know these things, but I have to make sure we’re all on the same page.