Reply To: Little Help 520p/576p instead of 480p


It’s as basic as what Bucko said, unfortunately your TV mustn’t support 1440×960 (720×480 x2) You could try going to sampling options and switching 480p in sampler to VESA 640×480@60. That would result in 1280×960 which is more standard, though you’ll likely lose some of the image on both sides.

You could alternatively decrease V. Active to 450 which would result in 1440×900 to see if it will work, but that way you’ll still lose a little from the image vertically instead. If that still doesn’t work then the only other thing I can think of is to increase H. Active to 800 while V. Active is on 450. That way you’ll get 1600×900, though you’ll likely need to increase H. Samplerate to somewhere around 1050.