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Thank you all for the replies. Following @harrumph’s suggestion I used an existing LG 4k TV’s remote control and sync-ed it to the OSSC. The programming steps were much easier than expected. I was finally able to test out different features including scanline controls.

In case somebody is also caught in my situation and found this thread, below summarizes the steps for programming the remote:

– ensure the remote you want to use is compatible with the OSSC. Test by pointing remote at OSSC(powered on) and pressing any button on the remote. If compatible the OSSC green led next to the lcd display should blink in response.

– turn off the OSSC. While holding down BTN1(the right button) on the OSSC, turn it on.

– OSSC display prompts to “Press 1”. From here onwards, the display prompts for a function/feature. You just need to decide which button on the remote you want to use for that function/feature and press it once. Display prompts again to press same button for confirmation. This button on remote is then programmed for that function/feature.

– the prompts start from the numbers 1-9,0, then move on to other functions such as menu, scanline type, lcd backlight,etc. Refer to the default OSSC remote for the various functions(

– it is recommended to make a note of what buttons you’d used on the remote for which OSSC function/feature for future reference

– when all programming is done, power cycle the OSSC then try the buttons on the remote and verify they work.