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As a matter of fact, I found a way to connect the Voulat board and get a decent picture.

There are a few differences to take in consideration toward the installation guide :

– First, lift RGB pins on the VDP (the big tricky part) but leave the SYNC one on the board, don’t lift it. You can connect the Voultar board to the corresponding pads, and also connect the CSYNC pad to the CSYNC pin on the VDP.
– On the back of the board, discard the mainboards pull-up resistor for the CSYNC signal and install a 2k2 resistor as it’s shown in the installation guide. As well Locate Pin 10 of the CXA1145 on the solder side and cut the track as shown in the guide. We will not cut anymore pin on the CXA1145.
– Finally, we need to connect RGB out of the Voulatr board directly to the 8 pin DIN. Again, on the back of the board, locate R, G, and B of the DIN connector and solder them to the RGB out wires of the Voultar. Concerning the SYNC out, you can solder it directly on the SYNC leg of the DIN connector on the upside of the board.
– For +5v and GRD, take them on the 7805, as you did.

The results are pretty good, even on a CRT screen.

Voilà !