Reply To: OSSC General Help w/Pixel Perfection


I assume it was the case, but the game is “advertised” as a running 320x240p on this page

I “gave up” anyway and I use the x5 mode in 1920×1200. I have a 240p test suite but it’s not really helpful as I have a 2 issues that persist no matter what I do :

#1 shimmering on the horizontal Sonic background. No matter what I do, this background displays shimmering (I’ve tried everything) so I assume this background has an “issue” (I’m using a PAL console)

#2 a wavey line rolling down the screen every 80 frames (or so) when something is scrolling vertically. I assume it’s a sync issue, no matter what I try, I can’t get rid of it.

As you can see, it’s the best I can do, “assume” things. Because I don’t know how to setup V or H synclen, I don’t understand how samplerate are defined etc. All we have are things like that :

Horizontal/Vertical sync length
Sets output sync lengths, which by default are set to match expected input sync lengths. Usually no need to modify.
Allow TVP HPLL2x
Controls whether video digitizer H-PLL uses 2x sampling clock internally on supported video modes.
H-PLL Pre-Coast
Defines when PLL coast (current freq. freeze) is activated.

I bet those are helpful for people who know what they mean, but for most people, this is gibberish. No offense, but this is not really noob-friendly. I’m not mad or anything, just frustrated, I have everything I need to get the best video quality from my consoles and all I can do right now is hoping FBX happens to release the optimal timings for consoles I happen to have (which won’t happen anytime soon as he is in USA and I’m in PAL region…)