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Guess what, I get noticeable diagonal “banding” with my SSDS3 and a Packapunch cable. I wonder if there’s anyone who really lucked out with his since it’s something you won’t notice if there isn’t a flat dark-ish color on screen, so I woudn’t expect too many reports. In other words, it’s a bad-design issue and yet, they won’t acknowledge it so that some work is put into finding and fixing its causes. I don’t know if it’s known at this point, but surprisingly pausing/unpausing the game affects the diagonal banding. Very noticeable in Ankoku Densetsu’s first stage’s sky, for example, but also in many others. Not sure if it’s related to the audio since it usually stops when paused.

Not only that — I get a bit of graphic noise too. My system is RGB-modded and, supposedly, jailbar-fixed. Nevertheless, I get severe jailbars in many situations when using the console’s RGB out. It must be a cheap cable, so I was wondering if it’s worth buying a PCE Packapunch in order to mitigate the jailbars (so that I don’t have to use the SSDS3’s video output and therefore, get rid of the diagonal banding) or if the jailbars (there’s a vertical white line at the left side which is very prominent, even) will be the same no matter the cable?

Also, I’d like to read about your own experience with the PCE’s video and the SSDS3.