Reply To: No Sound from Hdmi


Hi all I know this is an old topic and all but it came across my Google search for an answer. After spending quite a bit of time on this, I found a solution for some of you.

It all started when I switched TVs. Before, I would always get audio no problem from HDMI. However, when I got a new and better TV, I couldn’t hear audio anymore from HDMI. I fumbled for so long trying to fix it and eventually ended up going the analogue route like some of you and using the audio out jack. However, I really wanted to see if I could still get HDMI out and finally I figured it out.

You must go to:
Main Menu
Audio Options
Down Sampling
Select “fs = 48KHz”

After that, it worked. I don’t know whether this is the default setting or what, but it’s what I’m using now, and I hear Audio through HDMI once again. :]