Reply To: OSSC General Help w/Pixel Perfection


Good posts and explanations, thanks all. I gave up on the PS1 because it seemed that I could not get a stable picture in the optimal modes..and in 4:3 at 5x it seemed fairly accurate and sharp anyway.

I tried so many things with PS1, I could get it looking good in one thing or in the test suite but then in a game something would be wrong (glitching or moving pixels in a menu or text that is jumbled etc)

So my observations today along with the previous posts explaining, I was able to see what you guys were talking about. 5x in 256×240 optim with the proper timings is super sharp. It looks great.

In Generic 4:3 mode with default timings it also looks really nice – and if I turn sharpness on my monitor to max that compensates for some of the less sharp pixels. To me this more mimics a CRT. The optim modes seem artificially sharp..and while it looks great it doesn’t quite mimic the CRT look.

I can see how people would be divided on this..both work though. Using 5x 256×240 or 4:3 in 1080p mode looks quite good on SNES and PS1 and you of course only get the bars on the side, something I could get used to ignore over time (but it does bother me lol)

On NES I can use 4x or 5x with it filling the whole screen – since the graphics are much simpler the pixel stretching doesn’t look near as jarring in NES than SNES. But for overall consistency I may just use the same modes for both (and PS1) so that I get a consistent feel I can get used to.

Thinking using 4:3 mode might but the best bet since I cannot get optim modes to work with PS1 – maybe the consistency across those 3 consoles will be easier to get used to since they are all very similar =D

Anyway, just speaking my thoughts out loud. My problem is just being so anal and OCD about everything when really any of these work well enough to enjoy the games lol.

I may get a GameCube and/or Genesis to add to my collectoins so then that throws another wrench in there..but I think Genesis would run just like the SNES and GameCube of course has built in Component I could run that through my CRT that my PS2 is on or whatever…will cross that bridge later (have too many games to play right now anyway…I have a modest collection of stuff I actually had growing up and will use rather than trying to collect everything)

Thanks all for your support and posts – look forward to more opinions from others and what you ended up going with for your setup 🙂

(Small Update – oddly it seems like maybe 4x line mode with bars on all sides is preferable (same way FBX sets his up) – it’s less distracting on my eyes to have a full border around it…lol. Ah the joys of firstworldproblems…can’t decide which I like most)