Reply To: Confused on digital audio with OSSC


Hi,I have this exact setup (Toro, vga, ossc, Hdmi) and I use this :

I’m not an audiophile, but it seems good to me, no buzzing or anything (even during fully white screens). The HDMI out of the OSSC will indeed carry the audio.

Thank you, BlueStinger! This is exactly what I was asking about and helped greatly. Your reply made me put in my order for the OSSC and I also got the cable you suggested as well!

Alternatively, since you have a Toro, you can get a male-to-male SCART cable to connect the SCART output on the Toro to AV1 on the OSSC. The one cable will carry both video and audio (so make sure you get a good, shielded one), and you’ll have the additional benefit of the low-pass filtering that AV1 (SCART) and AV2 (RCA component) have that is absent on AV3 (DE-15/VGA).

Thanks for this, nmalinoski. In fact, and I really thought I had double checked this, I don’t own the Toro but the Kuro (the only that only has VGA). I apologize for the mix-up! You make a very good point though, that might help in the future. I think I might still get the Toro one day. For now though, the missing low-pass filtering on AV3, do you think I would notice it much?