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Hey there,

You describe the same experience I have here. With the OSSC you can clear the image up by enabling the Low Pass Filter. Play around with the LPF in the output? and sync menus and you should find a combination that works.

* Have you followed the OSSC optimal tuning YouTube video? HIGHLY recommend you do so if not!

With regards to I’d there an improvement I’m starting to think it is sideways. I bought a job lot of Mega Drivrs so I have a few to test. Here is a photo I took yesterday of a stock MD1 with NTSC mod. And then a MD1 with bypass.

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Maybe I haven’t chosen an interesting background but I’ve decided I prefer the darker green on the stock image. The bypass board green I a bit more yellow.

With the bypass you can see some extra colours on Sonics head.

What do you think? I should try take some shots of other games to compare again.