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I think I need to do the test again but directly into my TV SCART connection and look at it objectively without the OSSC making it pretty. I think the real question is, did it fix the jail bars? the brighter colours it seems are more of a preference thing and you could probably tweak the OSSC to do this anyway.

Yeah I have an Everdrive so I will load that game up and give it a test later too.

I have 11 PAL Mega Drives high def and non, mostly Chinese, two made in Thailand and one Japanese PAL (All modded to NTSC), I will do some more comparison this weekend.

Yeah I remove the RF adaptors off all of my Mega Drives to mount a region switch there, no need to drill extra holes everywhere plus it’s only hipsters that would want to play through RF lol.

Never heard of this audio amp before, my understanding is if you have the Yamaha YM2612 you have good audio and the models with the YM3438 are the ones that need a replacement. Might pay to find out which sound chip was used for the before example.