Reply To: TV compatibility report thread


Does anyone know if the TCL 40S325 or any line from the S325 work with all modes? Thanks for any info in advanced.

I had a 4-series TCL but it got poor results with compatibility. SNES was unplayable. PS2 (playing a PS1 game) had occasional dropouts that may have been possible to eliminate with some settings tinkering, but no luck. N64 worked fine, if I recall correctly. However, 3x and 4x looked like trash on this TV. It made everything much darker and just added a bunch of extra noise everywhere. I was never able to make it look good.

I assume the 3-series models aren’t much better, but I did have an older TCL from 2011 that managed to work pretty well in line triple mode.

I now have a 6-series TCL, and it works beautifully with everything I’ve used on it (Genesis, SNES, N64, PS2, all capability of x3 and x4 just fine).