Reply To: HDMI Retro Console > OSSC / Mcable


you can fix that in the sampling menu. The PAL PS1 will look the best with RetrogamingCableUk cables in 5X (generic 4:3)
Hsamplerate 2046
Hsynclen 150
Hbackporch 190
Hactive 1600
Vsynclen 3
Vbackporch 14
Vactive 240
These are what works for me in 1920×1200, looks absolutely perfect

And from my experience, Xbox HDMI Pound cables are not desirable. I’m glad I bought mine before MetalJesusRocks talked about it, I managed to resell it for 3x its original price. As for the others, I watched reviews, they all have major drawbacks (color accuracy, black crushing, video noise) and I don’t know about input lag but I would be surprised if they are appalling.