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Another, but not so critical question. For whatever reason, I have a component cable (probably ps3 type) but it shows no visible image even when ps2 menu setting is in YPbPr. I have tested with both tv and ossc as output and there is no picture. I guess cable is a problem but I had understood that ps3 component cables should work with PS2?

When you have the component cable connected to the OSSC and the input set to AV2-YPbPr, does the OSSC’s LED turn green, and does the LCD report something like 525i/625i? If so, that means the OSSC is correctly receiving the signal, and your display simply doesn’t like something about the OSSC’s output (but that shouldn’t be too different from what it does with the PS2’s RGB output); if not, then it might be a problem with your component cable or the OSSC’s component input (AV2).

One thing you should check is connecting the PS2 directly to the OSSC with the SCART cable, setting component output to YPbPr, and then changing the input on the OSSC to AV1-YPbPr to see if you get an image then.

Something else you may want to check is starting with the PS2 in RGB mode with the SCART cable connected to AV1, then loading a 480p-compatible game in 480p mode. Set the OSSC’s input to AV1-RGsB, make sure you get an image, then swap the SCART cable for the component cable, and switch the OSSC’s input to AV2-RGsB; do you get an image then?

You can, of course, always try the component cable with a PS3 or another PS2.

As for identifying the cable itself, if it has full-color, hexagonal, plastic RCA connectors, then it was made/released in the PS2 era; otherwise, if the RCA connectors are silver cylinders with small colored rings towards the cable, then it was made/released in the PS3 era. Both should be interchangeable between the consoles.


I use a well made PS3 component cable for my PS2 and the picture is razor sharp when tuned. I’ve heard some of the cheaper made PS3 cables don’t support PS2, you may consider buying a better cable. Don’t be afraid to spend $50+ on an OEM cable, as cheaper cables are unshielded, resulting in colors blurring together into a darkened mess(dark levels often become unplayable). The RGB SCART cables don’t support 480p+ on PS2, but I’ve never used them so I don’t know if that’s a problem here.

Component cables should be component cables, in that there shouldn’t be anything preventing them from working (ignoring shielding/quality issues). There shouldn’t be any differences with the component cables for the PS2 and PS3; so whichever cable Matias has should work fine for both, or it should be broken for both (assuming the cable is bad).

Also, it’s not that the SCART cables do not support 480p, it’s that the PS2 switches from RGBS to RGsB (sync-on-green) output for 480p+; the cable can carry the signal just fine (run it directly into your OSSC, switch input mode to RGsB), but most SCART equipment requires/expects an RGBS signal and will not understand sync being muxed with Green.