Reply To: 1080i resolution settings do not save


My TV does have a stretch function, but it doesn’t work in 480i.

Let’s start here. How are you getting 480i to your TV? Are you running the PS2 and GameCube through the OSSC, with 480i set to passthrough, meaning your TV is receiving 480i over HDMI? Normally, this shouldn’t be a problem, as SD and ED resolutions are intended to be stretched by the display.

So I’ve got this problem with the PS2 and Gamecube, where 480i is just too squished…

What do you mean by “too squished”? Are you playing games with anamorphic widescreen options enabled, and the display isn’t stretching the image to fill the panel? Or is it displaying at a proper 4:3 ratio, and you’d just prefer that the display stretch the already-correct image to fill the screen?

The way I’ve got around it is to force 1080i output through GSM on the PS2, works amazing, but after I go to save the changes, turn off and on the OSSC, it has completely reset!? And it ONLY happens with 1080i, what on earth is going on?

If you’re referring to settings on the OSSC, did you save your changes to a profile before restarting it? If not, that would be why your OSSC settings got reset with a power cycle.

Also, out of curiosity, what settings did you change for 1080i usage? Switch from bob deinterlace to passthrough?