Reply To: Line2x 480i to 960i


To clarify, I’d like to see additional selections in the 480i/576i menu for different deinterlace methods. In addition to the 960i/1152i output I mentioned, I’d also like to see a black line insertion method of deinterlacing, where black lines are inserted for the missing field instead of duplicating the following/preceding line.

So, currently (0.82), 480i/576i proc consists of:
* Passthru: Only digitization is applied, deinterlacing will be handled by display. Generally results to higher quality picture at the price of added latency.
* Line2x (bob): Linedoubled 480p/576p output. [default]
* Line3x (laced): Linetripled 1440i/1728i output.
* Line4x (bob): Linequadrupled 960p/1152p output.

I’d also like these options added:
* Line2x (laced): Linedoubled 960i/1152i output.
* Line2x (black): Linedoubled 480p/576p output, black line insertion.
* Line4x (black): Linedoubled 960p/1152p output, black line insertion.

This could also apply to the 960i/1080i proc menu:
* Line2x (black): Linedoubled 960p/1080p output, black line insertion.