Reply To: Chinese OSSC dump on eBay


I obtained one of these to check the quality.

I’ll just say these three things based on an initial investigation:
1. Do not use the bundled-in power supply! The negative pole of the power jack has 65VAC in it (compared to ground), which is… well, let’s say, highly unoptimal, especially for an analog audio/video application.
2. The quality of the PCB is not very good. The edges are rough. There is solder mask partially missing from some of the traces.
3. The assembly quality is not very good. The RGB/YPbPr connector is not inserted all the way into the PCB, which causes the PCB to bend when the casing is assembled. Some of the plastic parts have heat damage, suggesting that shortcuts have been taken in assembly.

Then there’s of course the fact that the manual, branding and labeling are rip-offs. The bottom sticker even tells users to go to VGP for support! This is extremely bad form even if the hardware design is open source.