Reply To: Line doubling Wii blurry


I bought myself a Wii last month and I’m not that interested in the Wii so I bought a very cheap component cable on Ebay. I got surprisingly great results, so great that I’m not even planning on searching for a better cable. Honestly, I don’t know what to tell you, I got great results from the get go and I’ve had very little adjustments to make.

Though it made my understand why the guys from MLiG said : “Nintendo doesn’t have the greatest video quality” I’m paraphrasing and they were talking about the NGC, Wii and WiiU if I recall correctly. Maybe what you see is the best you can get from a Wii (and for that price) or you just don’t like how 480p looks in line doubled mode, a lot of people seem to prefer passthrough for 480p content.

In case you’re interested, I bought this one :
It’s only £3.74 including shipping, so it might worth trying just to see if your cable has an issue.

I was really surprised by the results I got with such a cheap cable.