Reply To: Ossc on a HD CRT


SNES – w/ HD Retrovision Component Cables
PS2 – w/ HD Retrovision Component Cables
GameCube – w/ Wii Component Cables routed through GCHD MK-II
Dreamcast – w/ Native VGA Input

I’ve tested all consoles. They all work normally with my 4k Flat Screen TV (Vizio m43-c1) minus some sound issues with the SNES, although I’m using an audio switcher to get around that.

I think it might have something to do with the fact that the HDMI output on the OSSC does not support analogue inputs… Although, my HD CRT has an HDMI input, so can that still be analogue?

When messing with the settings and changing the output settings to DVI and also powering on the consoles, I do see the game screen as well, just all in green. It’s just odd that I can get an image that way but not by just setting it to HDMI mode.

Edit: I have ordered a HDMI to Analogue Component adapter, so I am going to give that shot. Hopefully that works well, although I’d still love to get it working with the TV’s native HDMI input.