Reply To: OSSC + Saturn + CSYNC = No sync


I recently bought a new model (HDMI) OSSC from eBay…

Do keep in mind that you’re not going to get much support for your unit. The ones you find on eBay are going to be built poorly with cheap components, and you’re probably not going to find anyone who wants to work on it should something go wrong with the hardware. VGP, for example, is probably only going to be willing to do diagnosis/repair on units that they’ve manufactured and sold.

It has the firmware 0.82a preinstalled (does the a mean alpha…?)

No, the ‘a’ indicates that it has audio support. OSSCs prior to the 1.6 hardware revision didn’t have any audio support, and, while there was an audio addon board, it was only compatible with the 1.5 hardware revision.

However after I try my newly purchased CSYNC Scart RGB cable from retrogamingcables, the OSSC only shows “no sync”. I tried to change what I could but it keeps telling me there is nothing. Some kind of error would be nice but just “no sync” is a bit… well… hard to google. I searched for two days now around and only found people having trouble with the image itself. Like strange line problems, wrong color or something, but not just “no sync”.

First, unless you’re intending to connect your consoles to a device that absolutely requires clean composite sync (like an Extron RGB interface, or a PVM/BVM), and the console doesn’t natively output clean composite sync (neither the Xbox nor PS2 do), then there’s no need to buy a CSync cable, especially one with a built-in sync stripper–those generally cause more problems than they solve, although they generally don’t cause problems with the OSSC.

Second, when using typical RGB SCART, the OSSC’s input should be set to AV1-RGBS; if you’ve got it set to AV1-RGsB or AV1-YPbPr, or any format on AV2 or AV3, then you’re not going to get sync because the OSSC isn’t looking at the correct sync line. If you’re on the correct input and you still don’t get sync, and the regular RGB SCART cables work fine like you said, then I would be inclined to say your Retro Gaming Cables cable is faulty.

I also read around here that the new firmware of 0.82 should have an auto switcher, but I couldn’t find it anywhere in the settings.

The manual is here: Take a look at the “Autodetect input” setting.

Do keep in mind that it does stop checking inputs after a while, so if you’ve had the OSSC on with nothing connected to it for that period, you’ll either need to power cycle the OSSC or press the input button once.