Reply To: OSSC + Saturn + CSYNC = No sync


Do keep in mind that you’re not going to get much support for your unit. The ones you find on eBay are going to be built poorly with cheap components, and you’re probably not going to find anyone who wants to work on it should something go wrong with the hardware. VGP, for example, is probably only going to be willing to do diagnosis/repair on units that they’ve manufactured and sold.

Only because it’s from eBay doesn’t imply it’s already a bad device. I got it from the platform, yes, but not from but from “eBay Kleinanzeigen”, a place to sell stuff that is not really intended to be a bad china export. It also has everything that normally comes with it. The built is great too, and looks exactly like on any video / picture I saw so far.

The device works in every other way expect for the CSYNC, so I wouldn’t want to ship my device around to get it repaired.

…those generally cause more problems than they solve, although they generally don’t cause problems with the OSSC.

That is my point too. I haven’t seen anyone having this side effect, so I was hopeing to get answers around here. 😉

…and the console doesn’t natively output clean composite sync (neither the Xbox nor PS2 do)

Well my japanese PS2 loves my RetroGamingCables CSYNC Cable very much and I get the cleanest picture out of it. My XBox uses the YpBpR input.

Second, when using typical RGB SCART, the OSSC’s input should be set to AV1-RGBS; if you’ve got it set to AV1-RGsB or AV1-YPbPr, or any format on AV2 or AV3, then you’re not going to get sync because the OSSC isn’t looking at the correct sync line. If you’re on the correct input and you still don’t get sync, and the regular RGB SCART cables work fine like you said, then I would be inclined to say your Retro Gaming Cables cable is faulty.

I know. Before I ask for help anywhere I first google for hours and try everything there is. I used every available input on my remote. As long as there’s no other input hidden somewhere, I tried it all. It does work with the normal Scart RGB cable, but this cable has a horrible audio buzz. The other only outputs sound on my regular TV but nothing on the OSSC. And I would really like to know why the OSSC outputs _nothing_. Something has to come through the cable. That is what bugs me.

The manual is here: Take a look at the “Autodetect input” setting.

Do keep in mind that it does stop checking inputs after a while, so if you’ve had the OSSC on with nothing connected to it for that period, you’ll either need to power cycle the OSSC or press the input button once.

I’ve read the manual over several times, but I don’t have this specific “Autodetect input”. I’m also not waiting for the device before turning it on – I turn it on at the same time I turn on the rest of my devices. And even then I switch between the inputs just in case something takes longer to get detected.