Reply To: Tate mode rotation


I think a full-on community scaler would/should be an entirely different device; and, unless it could switch off its scaler to run in a line-buffer/lag-free mode and could be built and sold for ~$200 or less, then I don’t think it would be a 100% suitable replacement the OSSC 1.x hardware.

However, if such a scaler were designed to combine the best of what the community has now (OSSC’s line multiplication, RGB/YPbPr inputs, and open-sourced firmware; the RT2X’s/Koryuu’s composite and S-Video inputs; the Framemeister’s digital input and zoom/scaling controls; the UltraHDMI’s framerate conversion and seamless resolution switching) with a few new features (frame transformations like rotation and zoom; multiple scaling methods; switching between or having separate outputs for framebuffer and linebuffer processes; multiple deinterlacing methods; TOSLINK input/output; HDMI input; RGB/YPbPr analogue output; on-screen display), and improve a few things (like the current automatic switching on the OSSC), it could usurp the Framemeister, even at a similar cost.

If you want to make it the be-all/end-all, toss in RF input/decoding (would also be useful as a standalone module), downscaling, design the outputs to be individually configurable (so you can take a 480i/480p/720p game and have it upscaled to 1080p for HDMI and downscaled to 240p/480i for the analogue output), and design the device in a way that would allow us to put it either in an acrylic case for the living room (like the OSSC is now) or in a rack-mountable case.