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Been messing around a bit with the breadboard, slapping an 82ohm or 120ohm resistor (don’t have a 75) on the chroma out from pin 3 gets me colour – but it is way off on the retrotink, the Sega logo is red, if I adjust the hue control on the Kramer is MAX, the colour is almost correct, maybe just a little washed out from the slightly high resistance? However, can’t blame Kramer, I get the same result plugging in the Retrotink to the TV directly.

Colour into the PVM is perfect under the same conditions and goes to black/white when chroma is disconnected.

R45 is gone, but I never put in the switch. S-video for life. 🙂

To be extra sure the PVM wasn’t seeing colour information from composite over luma, I disconnected the chroma line, and fed the s-video out from the console into an s-video-RCA adapter into the PVM on the composite input. Perfect black and white on the shared s-video/composite input 1, nothing except some occasional flickery lines on input 2, which is composite only.

Something odd perhaps: So I can now get horrible colour on Retrotink on the Y/C input, but if I cycle through all the inputs back to Y/C, colour is lost again until I restart the console.

edit: Actually the colour shift is not consistent, every time I power on the Genesis a new shift appears. There are 3 far, one where I set hue to 32, another where hue is 80, and the aforementioned one where the max value is needed. Gotta get this chroma signal in spec I think.

edit 2: Another thing is note is that the picture from the retrotink LOOKS like composite with lots of colour bleed and interference when I do this, while the same output directly into the Kramer is super sharp. Hmm.