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Exact same output, top into Kramer directly, bottom to Retrotink.

edit: images removed

Okay, turns out there was a bootleg crossed S-video cable I was using in the chain, this is now gone, so I now have a sharp image with the colour shifts.

Edit 2: This is where I’m at now. Re-built the circuit a bit nicer than before, no resistor on Chroma and now I can reliably get colour-shifted video thru the ‘tink. Here’s the shift…

SMPTE test colours in 240p test suite. S-video fed through the PVM first, then out to the video chain. I put back the Joytech switch back in the S-video path because the cheap manual switch was dumping S-video signal out of all the empty composite holes – as long as the Joytech only has S-video cords and audio plugged in it actually does work.

PVM displays correctly, then the retrotink has a spasm with it. Tried changing the Kramer input from RGB to YUV but that is not the fix either.