Reply To: Optimised settings for DC 3rd Strike


Some Dreamcast 240p games actually run at 640×240. From what I could see the games tend to be 320×240, but menu’s, text overlays etc. sometimes run at 640×240.

After forcing third strike into 240p with Start+L, these settings worked for me:

Sampling Opt.
– 480p in sampler: DTV 480p

Adv Timing: 512×240
– H. samplerate: 858
– H. synclen: 62
– H. backporch: 106
– H. active: 640
– V. synclen: 3
– V. backporch: 14
– V. active: 240

Sync opt.
– H-PLL Post-Coast: 1

Output opt.
– 240p/288p proc.: Line5x
– Line5x mode: 512×240 optim.
– Line5x format: 1920×1200

You could actually optimise this further for most 240p Capcom games, as they draw something like 614×224, rather than using the full 640×240 display. I think the horizontal resolution is integer scaled internally from 384×224 to 614×224, without interpolation, so it is always going to look a bit inconsistent.