Reply To: Amstrad Mega PC with OSSC


Thanks for the reply, sorry for the lag getting back to you. I tried the “AV3 interlacefix” didn’t make any difference. I then tried an older OSSC I had in an arcade machine. This worked fine running firmware 0.76, so I flashed the newer OSSC from 0.82a to 0.76a. It works out of the box with no configuration changes required.

So I assume it is be firmware related and something has changed re the HV sync on AV3?

The display is still showing:

AV3: RGBHV 313p
15.55kHz 49.69Hz


Before I flashed it to 0.76a I tried again with 0.82a, just in case there was a weirdness with the mega PC that had been fixed with moving it around a bit. It still wouldn’t lock on the sync.