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Hello I have a question regarding a bypass that I’ve done last year,using one of the first bypass amps released (its green and has 3 vertical capacitors)

My system is a model 1 VA6. My method I performed, was lifting the R,G,B,Csync pins from the VDP off of the motherboard, soldered cdrom audio cables from those pins, to the bypass amp. I also have pin 50 from the VDP cut.

The picture I get from my ossc with firebrandx’s 320×224 optimal timings is incredible!

With that said, I still have very very faint vertical lines,they are really noticeable on a light gray background, example being the hidden stage select screen for Altered Beast.

Now, i did this before Voultar released his version of the bypass. I have removed the 3 pull up resistors on the bottom of the motherboard, and I’m bypassing the CXA Sony chip entirely.

Why, when I’m running directly from the VDP, to the bypass amp, am I still getting vertical lines? What am I missing, or need restored?

I’m using a euroscart rgb cable wired for csync.

Please help, thanks!