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Have performed your test a few hours ago (which resulted in no noise), but ran into much bigger problems which resulted in not being able to use the RT2X anymore at all this evening. Must say the RT2X feels extremely unstable to me.

Steps I took:
First the test. Used my headphones, heard some crackling sounds at first (nothing like the noise described before), then everything became perfectly silent.
Then wanted to do a second test. Unplugged console as it doesn’t seem to make any difference at all to the noise problem. RT2X hdmi to converter, converter not plugged in to OSSC, headphones in 3.5mm jack audio breakout socket. Everything silent. As soon as I plug in the VGA to the OSSC, the audio noise is back, unplug, noise gone, plug back in, noise is there (can’t remember if OSSC was switched on or off).

Then the RT2X image disappears and I can’t get it back. Have unplugged all cables and restarted everything several times, but OSSC does not sync up to the RT2X output at all. I must mention this has happened several other times this week.
I then plug the RT2X hdmi directly into my tv, no image. Unplug all cables, restart, no image. Unplug hdmi from my tv and plug back in, image for 4/5 seconds, then it’s gone again.

And that’s the last of RT2X I’ve seen this evening. Both OSSC as well as my tv have not recognized the image coming from RT2X at all for the past few hours.

As said, this has happened before (not that long though), and from experience I tend to expect that tomorrow it’ll work fine again. But it feels totally random and unstable. No clue what’s going on here…