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Thanks for the reply Mike.
Just checked your video, and although I might order that HDMI->Component box, I’m a little hesitant as it will make the cable mess behind my tv even bigger, which I’m not really looking forward to 🙂

I understand that it’s not ideal to digitize audio and convert it back again, however if it works it is the neatest option for me atm, and considering the converter was bought with the RT2X, I think I might expect it does work well enough.
Since I assume you’ve tested every possible combination by now – What happens if you use it in the same setup like me (RT2X in pass thru mode -> HDMI2VGA converter with audio breakout -> OSSC). You don’t get that noise? It’s definitely loud enough not to miss it, and a big immediate change when alternating RT2X between 2x and pass thru modes.

Regarding the HDMI cable, it’s a pretty expensive and sturdy one, have never had any issues with it. But it would be the next logic step to check what happens if I change it for another one indeed. Might also be the adapter plug that came with it. Will try and find another one and check.

Another question – What’s the reason for not including a power switch on the RT2X board? I have installed one in the cable now, so not a problem anymore, but it felt like the main missing piece.