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I’ve thought about it for a few days now and the only solution where I can have RGB and YPbPr without switching cables is, that I’d have to build some cables where I can switch between RGB and YPbPr. Since SCART supports YPbPr and the OSSCs SCART input also does support it, I’d need some SCART cables which are wired for RGB and YPbPr where I can switch between both signals. Has anyone done something like this before?

SCART is technically already wired for YPbPr, in that Y, Pb, and Pr share the green, blue, and red wires respectively; however, it’s not that simple. With the Xbox and Wii, the video mode used is determined by a set of mode pins that are bridged depending on which cable is connected, so a component cable will bridge those pins one way to tell the console to use YPbPr output, and SCART cables will bridge the mode pins in a different way to tell the console to use RGBS output and limit to 15kHz video modes.

Assuming your Wii is the correct revision, you could get a WiiDual modification installed, which would provide HDMI output as well as add support for outputting 480p RGBS (I believe over SCART). Unfortunately, the Xbox does not have a comparable modification available.

The PS2, on the other hand, has a menu toggle to determine whether it outputs RGBS/RGsB or YPbPr; however, it has its own set of problems. It’ll output 480p over RGB, but it outputs in RGsB, so you’d either need a DE-15 cable with a built-in sync stripper, an Extron RGB interface, and a BNC to SCART cable, or you would need to perform a hard mod that disables sync-on-green in favor of full-time RGBS.

As for what you can do, it’ll depend on your budget, availability of equipment, and how much work you want to put into it. If it’s just those three consoles, I think the easiest approach is to use YPbPr for everything, get a YPbPr switcher (4-port would do nicely; I personally have an Audio Authority 1154A, because I also use digital audio from PS2 and Xbox), a YPbPr splitter/distribution amp (at least a 1×2; here’s one made by ShinyBow), and something to convert YPbPr to RGBS (I know the BeharBros Garo can do this, but both the old and current versions have some nasty problems; an Extron CVC 200 should work fine).

I would connect all of the consoles to the YPbPr switcher, then connect the output of the switcher to the splitter. One output from the splitter would go to AV2 on the OSSC, and the other would go to the YPbPr->RGBS converter, which would then go to the CRT. If your CRT supports YPbPr, or YPbPr over SCART, you can cut out the YPbPr->RGBS converter.