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SCART is technically already wired for YPbPr, in that Y, Pb, and Pr share the green, blue, and red wires respectively; however, it’s not that simple. With the Xbox and Wii, the video mode used is determined by a set of mode pins that are bridged depending on which cable is connected, so a component cable will bridge those pins one way to tell the console to use YPbPr output, and SCART cables will bridge the mode pins in a different way to tell the console to use RGBS output and limit to 15kHz video modes.

Yeah exactly, which is why I came up with the idea to build a cable that has a little switch so I could switch between the two modes. If the wiring is actually the same, it makes this mod even easier, because I just have to open up the connector and solder in a switch that bridges either of those contacts to switch between modes. The cable I got for my PS2 already has a sync stripper, so I’m set.

As a switcher I looked at a Crosspoint 300 with 12 inputs and 4 outputs, since I can get one cheaper than the component one made by ShinyBow or a gcompsw. It also supports RGBHV, RGsB, RGBS and every other format there is, so I’m future proof. Because I know myself pretty good and I’m sure the three consoles are just the beginning, since I’m not really satisfied about emulating SNES and NES. Having an OSSC now will only increase the chance of me getting more consoles.

Going the composite to rgb route is a problem, since there is currently no Extron CVC 200 available. Also if modifying my existing cables is a solution, I see no reason to spend money on a converter. I also got some random cables where I could try this mod on so I can make some prototypes before messing up my Packapunch cables.