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It’s component; composite video is something else (and composite sync is also something else); don’t get them confused.

Sorry, happens every time, I know the difference I just always type composite, lol.

Like I said, doable with the WiiDual, sadly nothing for the Xbox.

Since my Wii is an RVL-CPU-01, there is currently no way to add a WiiDual. Also the price of the WiiDual is putting me off too.

I just looked at the AV pinouts of the consoles. For Xbox it’s just a matter of grounding pin 17, 18 and 19 for RGB and 18+19 for component, so I’d just have to add a small spring switch which toggles the grounding for pin 17.
On the Wii it’s just a matter of shorting pin 8 and 10 and for the PS2 I don’t have to do anything since I can manually switch in the settings and apparently it can also provide up to 1080i via RGsB, so I guess I don’t even have to switch to YPbPr in the menu (guess I’ll try this later or tomorrow). Edit: Just tried it with the PS2, it definitely sends every signal over SCART depending on what has been set in the system settings, even though choosing YPbPr definitely makes sense with the OSSC, because switching from RGBS to RGsB every time the PS2 switches to 480p or 1080i is very annoying. So this concludes, I just need to mod my Wii and Xbox SCART cable to get what I want.

Manual switches like that are cool until you have to actually flip them every time you want to do something.

Well, you are right, but adding a button is a minimal and cheap procedure without having to give up any functionality. I still have to press the button if I want to switch displays, yes, but I don’t have to blindly switch cables which is harder than pressing a button. I also don’t have to wait until an Extron CVC is available and technically I don’t even need the Crosspoint anymore since I keep using SCART so my SCART switch won’t become obsolete.

The only thing IMO speaking for the component only solution is that I could output the same picture to multiple displays (for recording stuff) or with the Crosspoint I could use two systems at once. But since I don’t record gameplay, nor do I plan to and have no need of using two systems at once, I’ll go with the cable mod switch solution.

I’d rather invest more money into an upscaler which supports line-tripling and quadrupling, since I just found out that neither my pc monitor nor my TV support it. I’d have to play around more with the advanced timing options but I don’t have any hopes of getting it to work. Even though my monitor should support 960p and 1156p (tried setting these resolutions on my PC and it worked), it won’t display anything when I enable line-quadrupling (line-triple definitely won’t work since my pc monitor doesn’t like interlacing).