Reply To: Settings for Dreamcast 480p Passthrough


Unfortunately not (old Samsung Smart TV) I just have the option to switch bewtween 4:3 and 16:9 (‘Just Scan’ option is greyed out when in 480p)

It’s a strange one. When set to 2x the picture size is fine, no cropping at the top or bottom. However tv is put into a weird PC mode which results in washed out colours and prevents me from putting into Game mode.

Passthrough on the other hand does allow for Game mode and the colours look much nicer. However top of bottom of image is cropped out (similar to what happens when you try and play 240p content in line5x)

I’m just using the default OSSC settings. Tried switching between Auto/DTV/VESA and changing H.Active to 640, but obviously is not affecting the vertical cropping/overscan

I’m using a standard VGA cable connected to AV3. Looking to get RGC’s new 480p Scart lead and wondering if that will solve anything and maybe give me some more control of the image.