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Did you already manage to check for noise with the VGA converter setup?

Also, anyone from VGP reading here? I assume when you’re selling this combo, you will at least have tested it yourself. So would love to hear about that.

Then regarding the RT2X being unstable. I have tested again last night with a different HDMI cable, but made no difference as expected.
I have connected straight to my tv, switched it on with no console attached, leaving test screen to test. After a minute or so, connection is lost, it sometimes flashes a few times and then it’s gone. Restarting won’t help. Waiting for 5 minutes and then restarting brings the image back for a minute, then it’s gone again.
So it’s not the HDMI cable, and it’s not my tv either. Because when connected via VGA converter to OSSC, also OSSC loses connection with RT2X regularly.

Only possible issue I can think of would be the included HDMI adapter plug (HDMI 2 micro HDMI). I don’t have any of those plugs or any micro HDMI cables around so can’t test that. But honestly don’t really expect that to be the issue.

Altogether – This is definitely not working, would like to get a decent solution.