Reply To: Prospective buyer cable questions


The AV multi-out on the PS2 (and PS1 and PS3) was designed without a pin to output clean composite sync, so you can’t get CSync from that console without a hard mod that replaces composite video or luma with CSync, and any CSync cable is going to have an inline sync stripper to grab CSync from either luma or composite video; that might be what those websites are telling you.

In my opinion, for consoles that don’t natively output CSync, like the PS2, you really don’t need to pay extra for a cable with a sync stripper unless you intend to connect it directly to a video processor, like an Extron RGB interface, that specifically requires CSync. I’m not sure about the Framemeister, but the OSSC accepts all sync types, so a sync-on-luma cable will be perfectly fine (and is what I bought for my PS1 to use with my OSSC).

Also, since the OSSC received automatic input switching functionality, if the OSSC is your primary video processor, there’s no longer a need to have a PS2 CSync cable and an Extron RGB interface to deal with the RGBS->RGsB format change when playing games that support ED and/or HD resolutions.