Reply To: Denon x3400h OSSC 480i passthru problem


That would be much appreciated. I’ve found everything about this issue with the 480i passthru and this receiver to be very strange. Also I know that the X2300W does indeed include a bypass mode in the video output settings whereas my X3400H does not. I have been wondering since the X3400H doesn’t seem to have that bypass option (only Auto, Game, and Movie options) that maybe it might be doing something to the 480i signal. If you could test it with the all the options including bypass then that would help me further narrow down the problem. I also have gotten an offer from another user on the shmups forum who owns a X3300W to help me test on his receiver and OSSC as well. His receiver also does not have the bypass option in the video output settings so depending on the results he gets that could help a lot as well.
Many thanks for all the help marqs.