Reply To: Denon x3400h OSSC 480i passthru problem


Scratch my previous post. I screwed up the test.

I can’t seem to get 480i from the OSSC or Time Sleuth to output through the Denon 3500h. 480i from my DVD player works fine. The receiver likes to re-enable video processing on 480i sources. Once I disabled it a second time it results in no signal for the Time Sleuth and the OSSC.

That weird effect I was getting on Crazy Taxi was a result of the receivers built in processing.

I took the Denon out of my chain and that solved the problem for my setup. I’d like to be able to use the Denon. I wonder if there is something we could adjust in the OSSC that would make the signal more tolerable like my DVD player.

I have this same problem with my Denon 3500h. This is what it looks like:
Dreamcast Crazy Taxi title screen 480i via the OSSC

Ossc 480i Denon 3500h

576i from DVD sources via a BD player display fine. So does the 480i time sleuth test pattern.

All video conversion settings are off. The Denon adds no lag on 480i according to the time sleuth, so there shouldn’t be any hidden processing going on. All video conversion settings on the Denon are off.

I’d be delighted to be able to add my ossc back to the Denon chain. I worked around the issue by using ARC, but it makes my setup a bit more convoluted.