Reply To: Denon x3400h OSSC 480i passthru problem


Now that is interesting. Any time I have tweaked with the Denon X3400H scaler while using the OSSC it does change the picture I’m getting but has not come close to what I would call a correct picture. I would have thought that using the bypass mode was the key but apparently not. Still bugs me that both mine and Gara’s Denon do not even contain that option but according to Gara the time sleuth seems to suggest that it still is not doing any extra processing.
I have tried the YCbCr444 TX mode as marqs suggested and it still creates the heavily pixalated, jagged edge image with the waterfall effect that I mentioned earlier. I also tried every option on the receiver while in this mode and while some of the scaling options got rid of the pixalated waterfall look, it still was massively zoomed in with the black alternating lines. Also whenever I turn on Game mode in the receiver it alters the colors in the picture to almost a negative look but not quite that degree. Alot of interesting things going on with this receiver.