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I got one crystal 1.4 and a black 1.2. So what about the Focus chip on the 1.4?

When using RGB the Xbox is limited to outputting 480i, which is the reason why I want to know if there is a visual difference between YPbPr and RGBHV from the Xbox.

In the end I’m just curious, since I wanna play on the OSSC and on my consumer CRT which only supports RGB. Because of that I came up with a solution where I can switch between RGB and YPbPr without using any converters. I’m just going to solder a little dip switch on the AV cable which grounds pin 17/18/19 when closed and only 18/19 when open, that way I can switch easily without unplugging cables.

But since I got a second Xbox I’m still kind of interested if there is a notable difference when using RGBHV and YPbPr.