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RetroTink 2x designed to work with TVs, therefor HDMI YCbCr limiter range is the default like most BluRay players or Set-Top boxes.
HDMI 1.0 standard mandates to accept this type of signal, and it is supported by 100% of TVs with HDMI inputs.
DVI mode is for compatibility with older monitors (PC) which don’t accept HDMI at all or will not even turn on with HDMI signal, hence it is not saved after power off.
Also, to avoid the chance of “my RT2x doesn’t output sound” reports, since DVI does not carry audio packets.
DVI is RGB only and has no Limited Rage since it is exclusively a computer standard which replaced VGA.
You can switch to DVI RGB Full Range using the method above, otherwise powering on normally is HDMI YCbCr Limited Range.

Since the OSSC expects SD analog YPbPr signal at the input with 0v being black, that’s what we are trying to provide to it.
The HDMI to Components box mentioned above will treat the 0-255 (Full Range) from the HDMI input as 0-0.7v (standard analog video range) as expected, therefor we need to provide full range for this box to output SD analog YPbPr signal that the OSSC expects.
You can of course keep the RT2x in HDMI mode, but the output will be Limited Range YPbPr which is NOT a standard SD YPbPr signal that the OSSC expects.
Actually, it’s quite lucky that this conversion box is of so high quality for such a low price.