Reply To: 400p mode for retro PC


Automatically switch between the two samplingrates is a good idea for passthrough and Line2x, but both will not be displayed in 4:3 on any 16:9 monitor (most have only “aspect” and “fill” settings), thus not of interest for gaming unless the display has “4:3” setting which is rare, or is a 4:3 LCD monitor (also rare), for these it will be great or for capture cards that can rescale.
* Does that mean 640×400 and 720×400 will have separate advanced timing settings like with 640×480 and 480p?
Line3x will have greater sampling rate and the different between 720 and 640 will not be that visible, so “400p in sampler” can be set to manual to either 640 or 720 to not lose sync when the machine switches between 640 and 720, so advanced timing 1600×400 for Line3x can be shared by both, and probably the only mode to produce adequate 4:3 image on 16:9 monitors that do not have a “4:3” setting but only “aspect” setting which is most of monitors.