Reply To: 400p mode for retro PC


Thank you very much marqs, can’t wait to test this.

What do you mean “pixel repetition if 0.5x samplerate is used”?
I assume nothing currently using above 170MHz except the 449p Line3x mode, does that need any FPGA Logic?
By FPGA Logic do you mean scanlines and other post processing?
Isn’t halving the samplerate for processing negates the whole purpose of Line3x in 449p?
Sorry for all the questions, I am intrigued and like to learn about the OSSC as much as possible.

Another question:
In 720×400 I have 900 H.samplerate, in Line2x mode and with Upsample2x effectively sampling 1800 times, but with Upsample2x disabled it samples exactly 900 times and doubles that using math, if I’m not mistaken…
Does that mean in Line3x, Upsample2x will be sampling 4000 times or will it be disabled for Line3x? I assume the latter.