Reply To: OSSC for PCBs


Ok I will use 1965 samplerate for all boards where I have to use Generic 4:3 mode due to the optim samplerate being out of my monitor’s range.

I’m experimenting with 512×240 optim in 5x so that the horizontal multiplication is 3x. My monitor gets a 1600×1200 signal which I think is due to this (please correct me if I’m wrong):

“With Line5x, horizontal active and mask are adjusted internally so that frame width of 1600 or 1920 (depending on “Line5x format”) is always generated. In 1920×1080 format, vertical active and backporch are also internally adjusted (-24 and +12) to generate suitable frame height.”

So first the OSSC does 3x and gets 1920 dots for Espgaluda (640 * 3 = 1920) and then downscales that by a factor of 1.2 to fit my monitor at 1600×1200 (1920 / 1.2 = 1600)?

I think this looks a little better than Generic mode. Is this process cleaner than the one Generic mode uses?

I’m surprised to see black bars above, below, and on both sides of the image of Espgaluda in 5x and 512×240 optim although nothing is cropped. I tried changing from 240 to 224 and it filled the width of the screen perfectly (in tate mode) but there are still bars above and below the image. Also 224 seems to distort the image by making it too wide and seems to create a pattern which causes some of the vertical scanlines to look darker than others.

I get no signal from Battle Garegga at 5x in 512×240 optim mode with 320. I can’t get an image from it in that mode with any below 448 (and that’s above the samplerate of 432).


I just thought of something. If 5x mode internally adjusts the outputted resolution to my monitor’s native res of 1600×1200, why does a samplerate over 2110 cause the image to distort? Isn’t the samplerate that’s actually sent to my monitor always 1600 in 5x mode?