Reply To: Question 480i for Gamecube


Thank ou for the replies!

I’d recommend just getting a Wii with component cables to play games in 480p and keeping the pal gamecube for use with the gameboy player in RGB.

Yes I have a component cable for Wii U. The Samsung adapter YUV for my TV is a chinese copy (I lost the original one), The quality is a bit worse. The quality betweeen ma GC RGB and Wii component is more or less the same (there is only a difference of color/brightness). That’s why I wanted to try if I could get a higher quality with OSSC

Last week I tested the homebrew Game Boy Player (GBi) on my GC in 240p with OSSC x2 and x5. The quality was perfect! It looks like my TV accepts these modes in 240p.

And you actually have to do it that way for the official component cables.

In fact I got it many years ago (I didn’t know at this time they were expansive) but I’ve never used it because it was a D-Terminal connector. I found a D-Term to cinch only last year and I tested it quickly.

Today I tried to connect my component cable for GC to the OSSC but I don’t understand how to connect the audio.
There are 2 CINCH cables for left and right audio. OSSC has two inputs jack 3.5mm (by toggleling a switch)
Are they the correct way to connect the audio of my GC ? So I need a CINCH to jack adapter ?
Note: the question is the same if I would like to connect any other component cable (ex: for Wii or Ps2)

Thank you